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Google sites now allows you to create a mobile landing

Plus, how the HP TouchPad can survive a lack of apps and how Microsoft is trying to catch spammers

June 29, 2011

Google sites now allows you to create a mobile landing page

Tech Crunch

Leena Rao reports on the new capabilities.

“Similar to templates for Google Sites web pages, Sites for Mobile allows users to pick a template that suits the consumer’s needs. For example, Sites offers and e-commerce template for users who want a mobile site to sell products (via Google Checkout). Google also offers customer mobile templates for local businesses, restaurants, lead generation and social.”

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How the HP TouchPad can deal with lack of apps at launch


James Kendrick reports on how the HP device can stay standing despite its flaws.

“The lack of apps will be a less significant problem for users if the TouchPad is able to do most of the tasks users want to do on the tablet right out of the box. If a new TouchPad owner is able to take the slate out of the box, fire it up and do the things that matter, the lack of apps will not be perceived as such a big negative.”

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Microsoft researchers find spammers by graphing social networks

Network World (US)

Ms. Smith looks at the benefits and flaws of the method.

“While I’d love to see all spam and phishing be burned with fire, and I’m all for spammer accounts crashing and burning, what about people who attempt to protect their privacy by not adding friends and therefore not using IM? It’s doubtful that would put a private person on the outside of the graph next to malicious users, simply because that person wouldn’t be sending out hundreds or thousands of emails like a spammer would.”

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