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Green or greenwashing?

The green IT movement takes a hit as Intel asks for more time

Oct. 10, 2007
Intel asks EU for more time
Business 2.0
Jon Fortt says Intel needs more time to prep for its anti-trust defence.

”When Microsoft (MSFT) lost its European antitrust appeal last month, it solidified the European Commission’s reputation as the toughest regulator in the high-tech world. Now, just weeks later, chip giant Intel (INTC) is asking for more time to defend itself against the regulator’s charges that it unfairly slashed prices to lock rivals out of its markets.”

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Green or greenwashing?
The browser
Green sells. No doubt about it.

“Look around your local newsstand: Every dead-tree magazine seems to have a green issue. There are TV reality series, design shows, and countless Web sites devoted to the environmentally conscious lifestyle. Silicon Valley VCs are swarming around anything even remotely “clean tech.” Discovery Channel recently bought Treehugger for $10 million. And this is all a good thing. There’s no better way to affect change than to educate the masses and make some money while doing it.”

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Why doesn’t Ebay put Skype up for auction
Felix Salmon of Portfolio thinks online auction-house eBay should sell Internet telephony service Skype to News Corp. for use in its social network, MySpace.

”Salmon thinks that a free calling service fits more naturally with MySpace, which is, after all, about communication. While that may be true, eBay will likely have to accept a much lower price than what they originally paid. “

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