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HPE adds additional SSD support to MSA storage line

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HPE has unveiled additions to its storage offerings in both entry SAN and NAS.

First, the company’s new MSA storage options are meant to be budget friendly dual-controller hybrid flash arrays.

The MSA 1040 now has SSD support, a feature previously only available on the 2040 model.

Drives are priced at 400GB for $2,220; 800GB for $4,219; 1.6TB for $7,979; 3.2TB for $13,899. Meanwhile, new models such as the StoreEasy 1650 Expanded is now available starting at $14,777 for 32TB of capacity.

The MSA 1040’s Advanced Virtualization Upgrade license will be priced at $350 starting February 15.

The company has said that SSD support will arrive via firmware update GL220 available for download on the HPE website.

HPE StoreEasy line will also see a few tweaks.

The 1650 Expanded model is an NAS appliance designed to for density and resiliency. It accommodates 28 Large Form Factor drives for up to 224 TB of internal capacity in 2U.

The product will come with data services including configuration tools, storage provisioning templates, and a monitoring dashboard, encryption, and sync and share support.

The HPE StoreEasy 1650 Expanded and the HPE MSA 1040 are available through the HPE Small Business Marketplace.