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If Dell entered the smartphone market


March 25, 2009
Beware of the “premium” netbook cash grab
ZD Net
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes about “premium” netbooks.

“Given that netbooks are the fastest growing PC market segment today…Here’s an example of such a premium netbook – the Samsung NC310. Pricing of the N310 are a bit sketchy at present but it seems that rounded edges, edge-to-edge display, tweaked keyboard and a style injection could bump the price of what is essentially an NC10 netbook (which retails for $428 on Amazon.com) by around $150 to somewhere in the region of $580. I think that it’s only logical that OEMs add ‘premium’ netbooks to their range, but it’s also important for the buyer to realize that style is only skin deep.”

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Memo to Dell: Zig While Smart Phones Zag
The VAR Guy
The VAR Guy writes about Dell possibly entering the smartphone market and why it could be rough waters ahead for the vendor.

“Word on the street says carriers are showing little interest in Dell’s concept smart phones. Dell either needs to differentiate through software – or move into a different market. It’s difficult to attract – and retain – independent software vendors’ attention. Apple, Google and Microsoft each have thousands of ISVs backing their respective mobile platforms. And the handset market is packed with rivals.”

Samsung’s N120 netbook joins the crew, offers a full-size keyboard and 10.5 hours of juice
Paul Miller writes about Samsung’s new N120 netbook.

“Samsung is really fleshing out its netbook lineup, following up the lovable N110 and N310 with the N120, another 10.1-incher, but with enough screen bezel to make room for a full 12.1-inch-style keyboard. Samsung also found enough room inside for a six-cell battery that can muster up to 10.5 hours of runtime. There’s also a 1.3 megapixel camera, 3-in-1 card reader, three USB plugs, a Bluetooth option, and Samsung made use of those wide expanses of plastic on each side of the screen to place some decent speakers.”

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