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Inside HP’s future printing plans

HP's Print 2.0 may enable it to build on to its printing empire

Aug. 29, 2007
HP’s plans for its printing empire
Business 2.0
You have heard of Web 2.0 and now John Fortt reveals Print 2.0.

” Hewlett-Packard’s new “Print 2.0” vision for its most profit-rich business unit is pretty confusing, until you consider this: If HP can get us to make more stuff using its inks, printers and software, HP wins.”

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Paypal creater has Slide start up
The Browser
The latest on Max Levchin who has increased the popularity of Facebook with his Slide start up.

“And now Slide is saying it’s doing equally well in flash widgets, making it a force on any social network. Slide users are posting more than one million new flash widgets every day, including its popular Slideshows, Guestbooks, SkinFlix and FunPix applications. The Slide widget network now reaches 134 million unique viewers per month and is the top widget network measured by comScore (SCOR).”

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The geeks that were not there
Simon Davalos has this crazy tale from somewhere.

”Still no real live geek sighting yet campers, but you’ll be pleased to note that through the miracle of modern technology, you too can be on the playa without actually being on the playa! Scott Beale of Laughingsquid, a Burning Man attendee from way back, shows us how it’s done with his recent fab roundup of the Burning The Man Early/Paul Addis debacle.”

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