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Internet users in Kentucky who post content anonymously may soon face fines

Plus, online safety tips and why Howardforums is being asked to shut down

Mar. 11, 2008
Howardforums to MobiTV: you can’t handle the truth!
IT World Canada
Sharky looks at why this Web site is being asked to shut down after information on how to hack into MobiTV is revealed over the Internet.

“After Howardforums.com of Toronto posted information on how to hack into MobiTV, the video-to-cell phone streaming service responded by asking Howardforums.com’s ISP to shut the site down…However, MobiTV executives said they realized it might actually be easier to try, you know, FIXING the security hole rather than hiding it. Talk about thought leadership.”

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Kentucky legislator wants to ban anonymous internet posting
Jordan Golson writes that Kentucky State Representative, Tim Couch, wants to pass a bill making it mandatory for Internet users to register their real name and contact info if they are to post on Web sites. If Couch gets his way, anonymous Internet posting may soon be illegal.

“The bill would require anyone ‘contributing’ to a website to register their real name, address and email address with that site — the website would be fined $500 for each anonymous post. Couch wants to cut down on ‘online bullying.’”

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What’s wrong with parents teaching their kids that not all Internet content is good?
Mike Masnick sounds off over an article that advises parents to “hover” over their kids when they use the Internet to monitor their child’s online activities.

“Instead of hovering over (kids) at all times, why not teach them some online street smarts — just as you would teach them to be safe when they walk outside alone? Teach kids that not everything online is good, and teach them how to be careful when they surf…Don’t act like bad stuff will automatically kill them — but teach them how to deal with it so that when it inevitably does come up, they know can handle it.”

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