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IT employment glory days or gory days?

Plus, spying cell phones and social networking snoops

July 24, 2007
Glory days for IT sector in Canada, claims report
Joaquim P. Menezes writes a new report is “cock-a-hoop” about the IT career market in Canada.

”Problem is, whenever we publish an article citing the findings of such reports, we get a volley of passionate letters from disgruntled IT professionals complaining the much-touted “job glut” is nothing but hogwash.”

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The stalker in your pocket
Mike Elgan writes on new generation of ‘snoopware’ listens, watches and spies through cell phones.

”Although cell phone stalking is new, there’s already plenty of bad information, urban legends and false beliefs about it in circulation. I’m going to sort all this out for you, tell you about what’s possible and how to protect yourself.”

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Hackers use social networks to target business executives
Network World
Don’t ask Linda Musthaler to get LinkedIn to your network of friends.

“An article in CIO magazine says that hackers are finding corporate executives through these networks and using their contact information to send them emails embedded with malware.”

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