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Kaspersky offering Safe Money

Security vendor announces new versions of its Internet security and anti-virus products

Russian Internet security vendor Kaspersky Lab wants to protect your bank account.

Kaspersky is making available new versions of its Internet Security and Anti-Virus products for the channel and retailers. The biggest addition to these releases is called Safe Money, a feature aimed at protecting online bank accounts, shopping, and credit transactions. Another key feature is Automatic Exploit Prevention that protects from programs users have forgotten to update.

According to Kaspersky, customers told them the data that would cause the most severe repercussions if it fell in to the wrong hands was banking details.

The security vendor also found that one out of every three users store banking details on PCs and nearly two-thirds of all users shopping online.

The Safe Money feature enables users to add preferred banking, payment and shopping Web sites to the “safe” list. The new version also allows users to choose from a Kaspersky provided list – these sites will be automatically launched in safe mode.

How Safe Money works is prior to a site loading, its URL is automatically checked to ensure users open a genuine, malware free site and not a fake site designed by cybercriminals.

Safe Money also provides an onscreen Virtual Keyboard when entering your credit card or payment information. This ensures key logging malware will not record the information you enter on your physical keyboard.

As for Automatic Exploit Prevention, when users receive a pop-up window requesting they update a program on their computer, such as Adobe or Java, it often means a researcher has discovered a flaw in the program. Those flaws act as an open door for hackers to gain access to computers if the patch warnings are ignored. Automatic Exploit Prevention scans the programs on users’ computers searching for any potential flaws or updates and blocking any uncharacteristic activities.

Both Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security are Windows 8 ready. They sell for $79.95 for Kaspersky Internet Security and $59.95 for Kaspersky Anti-Virus in three-user license packages.