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Kingston pushes microSD reader-card bundles

Aimed at eliminating the need to carry USB cables

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. — Kingston Technology has created two USB microSD reader plus card bundles designed to enhance mobile consumers’ moving data between multiple mobile phones, PCs and digital devices.

Available immediately, the new USB readers ship with either a 1GB or 2GB capacity microSD card.

“Consumers now have a handy option to back up contact info when changing phones, move digital music and videos between PC and phone more easily, and download new mobile applications for mobile phones without using additional network time,” Wendy Lecot, the company’s flash products marketing manager.

Designed with a USB connector and memory expansion slot that accepts the microSD card format, the mobile device-ready reader bundle eliminates the need to carry additional USB cables and reduces wait times typically associated with Bluetooth transfers between cell phones and PCs.

The new USB microSD Reader + Card bundle features a red reader for the 2GB card combo and black for the 1GB version. When in use, the USB microSD Reader appears as a separate drive letter (for example E:\) and data transfer is as easy as drag and drop. The USB microSD reader + card is ultra portable and with the included key loop, can be hung from a mobile phone as a convenient digital data moving solution.

The 2GB microSD Reader has a list price of US$37, while the 1GB model has a list of US$19.

In size they are 1.29 inches by 0.60 inches by 0.30. (32.89mm x 15.3mm x 7.66mm). They carry a two-year warranty on the reader and a lifetime warranty on a microSD memory card.