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Microsoft: ‘We can hand over Office 365 data without your permission’

Plus, lessons from Dropbox's failed security and Kodak as a storage service provider

June 23, 2011

Microsoft: ‘We can hand over Office 365 data without your permission’


Zack Whittaker reports on some confusing data privacy concerns with Office 365.

“But because Microsoft physically stores and processes the data, regardless of where the data is stored (i.e. geographically) – even outside of U.S. soil, it can be requested by U.S. law enforcement authorities through means of invoking the Patriot Act on a wholly owned U.S. company.”

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What Can We Learn from the Dropbox Security Blip?

The VAR Guy

Dave Courbanou looks at lessons from the latest prominent security failure.

“I think it’s just common sense: If you have really sensitive information and you’re keeping it in the cloud, you might want to reconsider or encrypt that information before you upload it, even if the cloud service you use encrypts it, too. You can’t be too careful.”

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Picture This: Kodak as a Storage Service Provider?


Nicholas Mukhar reports on Kodak’s partnership with Avere Systems.

“Under terms of the agreement, Avere’s global enterprise clients will have 24 x 7 support for their storage solutions. A client’s data will be restored within four hours if there is a disruption, according to terms of the deal. This is particularly relevant for businesses using Avere’s FXT Series scale-out NAS appliances.”

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