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New privacy and security features in Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5

Plus, an external hard drive from HP and a Microsoft training Web site for solution providers

June 30, 2009
HP SimpleSave external hard drive backs your files up with ease
ZD Net
Jennifer Bergen writes about HP’s new SimpleSave external hard drive product.

“The line of portable drives includes a 320GB and a 500GB drive for $120 and $150, respectively. The larger, less portable units include a 1TB and a 2TB desktop drive for $150 and $330, respectively. You can expect to see the SimpleSave drives at Staples stores by mid-July, and other retail stores after that.”

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Microsoft Training for Solution Providers – a nifty website…
Network World
Brian Egler writes about a Microsoft hosted Web site for developers.

“This is a collective web site (www.msdev.com) for all Virtual labs and Web Seminars making it easy to get the latest info on Microsoft technology including SQL Server. The web site uses Silverlight, Microsoft’s answer to Flash, to provide a wicked user interface. I like the design, it seems responsive, attractive and allows quick access to the various categories of self-paced training. I have reviewed the Virtual Labs before and I like the on-demand concept and the user interface. The Web Seminars are always useful to find out the latest and greatest coming out of Redmond. This web site gives us a one-stop-shopping approach to those modules.”

Mozilla Pushes the Web Forward With Firefox 3.5
Scott Gilbertson writes about some of the new privacy features of Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5.

“Firefox 3.5 brings a much more robust private browsing mode that restricts the information your browser gathers as you visit websites. While surfing in private browsing mode, cookies are rejected, URLs are kept out of the browser history, forms are not auto-filled and pages are not cached. The result is a browser session that – from the browser’s point of view – never happened.”

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