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New privacy features on Gmail

Plus, rising fuel costs and the workplace and Scrabble on Facebook

July 10, 2008
Google lets you monitor access to your Gmail account
Jason Kincaid highlights a new privacy feature on Gmail that allows users to see if their accounts are open on any other computers.

“(The) privacy feature…also allows (users) to sign-out remotely. Basic information is displayed as part of the page’s standard footer, and users looking for more detailed information can view a log that displays the most recent IP addresses to access the account, along with the type of access.”

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Live Mesh & virtualization saves gas
Network World
Mitchell Ashley weighs in on the rising cost of fuel and what that’s doing to our workforce.

“Not only is our workforce more mobile and virtual these days, but the cost of commuting and traveling is way up, increasing the prevalence of virtual workforce arrangements. Data synchronization and virtualization are making telecommuting and home officing even more practical and the rising price of gasoline makes it all that much more compelling.”

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Why Facebook users won’t play Scrabble
Owen Thomas writes why users won’t be playing Scrabble on social networking site, Facebook.

“An official version of Scrabble has made it to Facebook – far too late to displace Scrabulous, the unofficial knockoff, which has millions of users and fans so devoted they’ve posted music videos on YouTube in honor of the word game.”

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