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Palm Pre to arrive in Canada on Bell Mobility network

Bell is now the second carrier in the world to announce thern3G Pre

Palm Inc. has just announced that its Palm PreT phone will be available in Canada during the second half of this year exclusively through Bell Mobility’s 3G high-speed mobile network.

The phone, which is built on the PalmR webOST mobile platform, allows users to automatically bring their information from places such as on phones, work or the Web into one integrated view.

The Pre phone is designed to open with a physical keyboard that can slide out for e-mailing and text messaging. When it’s closed, users can make calls, browse the Web and listen to music, among other things.

With Palm’s webOS on the Pre, users can keep multiple activities open on the phone and can easily switch between them. Other features on the phone include a universal search, intuitive and unobtrusive notifications, integrated GPS, 8GB of internal memory, USB mass storage mode, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and more.

While the phone is set to be available through Bell Mobility later this year, pricing for the phone has still yet to be determined.

Adel Bazerghi, senior vice-president of products for Bell Mobility, said the company’s excited to be the second carrier in the world to be able to announce the 3G Pre.

“With the unique user experience of the world’s first webOS phone,running on the country’s largest 3G network, we’re confident that Canadianswill embrace Pre as the phone for their lives today,” he said.