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Safetica looks to partner with Canadian channel

Security & Privacy

A European vendor specializing in data loss prevention (DLP) software for small and medium businesses (SMBs) has expanded to Canada and is now looking for VARs and managed services providers to partner with.

Safetica uses a contextual approach to its DLP software, but the key message the company is bringing to the Great White North is its software is easy to use. According to Safetica’s announcement, its DLP software isn’t complicated like competing offerings aimed at enterprise customers. Instead, Safetica focuses on the often IT department-less SMB market.

That’s where partners can come in. Safetica is offering a new option for solutions providers serving the needs of SMBs. The company sells its software for as low as $46 per endpoint per year, providing resellers with a recurring revenue model around DLP initiatives.

“Every business and organization large or small has a responsibility and need to protect customer and confidential data from leaving their organization,” said Luke Walling, general manager of Safetica North America, in a statement. “At Safetica, we’re making sure the mid-market and small businesses of the world can access the technology and expert support they need to do just that.”

The Safetica solution provides SMBs with the ability to stop sensitive data from being shared inappropriately or accidentally. The software encrypts data so that even if mistakes are made and corporate information ends up outside the control of the business, the files are rendered useless. Safetica locks and wipes any stolen or lost devices while also protecting data on employee-owned mobile devices.

The software was designed to spot risky behaviours before they become a problem for businesses. Safetica is capable of detecting high-risk employee behaviours, even to the point of identifying employees who have become disengaged from the company and may be ready to engage in behaviour that would damage their current employers.

Safetica software is now available in Canada and the U.S. The company sells direct, but also works with a network of partners to bring its solution to market.