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Taking the wizardry out of webcasting

New applications from Accordent help companies get into the webcasting game

With society’s ever-changing technology and the innovative solutions available in today’s marketplace, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to try and keep up.

One such company is Accordent Technologies Inc., a communication solutions service provider that helps businesses set up and manage online, real-time webcasts. With last month’s release of Accordent’s Media Management System and Accordent Engage solutions, the company boasts businesses can save both money and time by adopting these systems.

Marc Haimsohn, vice-president of business development for Accordent, said these solutions were designed around current technology advancements.

“Accordent’s Media Management System was built around the fact that video has become very popular over the last few years,” Haimsohn said.

The Accordent Media Management System is a centralized online communications system that allows businesses to effectively manage and maintain media communications services. Users can also create multimedia presentations that can either be watched live or viewed later with its archiving feature.

With Accordent Engage, businesses are able to organize audio webcasts via an online portal. All that’s needed to use Accordent Engage is a telephone and a computer with Internet access. Once participants log in to the system they’re walked through the entire process, from how to input live or recorded audio content to more interactive elements that include question and answer sessions. Similar to its Media Management System, Accordent Engage audio webcasts can be archived for future reference. The system also features automated event scheduling, including invites to selected invitees and the tracking of participants.

“(It’s) is a fully automated system” Haimsohn said.

Different from traditional conference call services and third-part webcasts, Accordent Engage allows businesses to still run media-rich webcasts, but without the costs of pay-per-minute charges and participant fees.

“It will save organizations a great deal of money,” Haimsohn said. “It alleviates a huge expense with fees that would otherwise go to organizational services or other carriers.”

Haimsohn said Accordent will continue to be proactive when it comes to streaming in the new medium.

“Our role is to be active,” Haimsohn said. “We need to engage with our end users to help them deploy and integrate the right solutions.”

Accordent supports its partners by offering a certification program that includes both on-site training as well as online training services. Haimsohn said deployment and training for these solutions only takes three to five days.

Darian Germain, senior director of marketing for Accordent, believes the company is well on its way to staying on trend.

“As people are becoming more familiar with this stream of media there are certain expectations being set,” Germain said. “We, at Accordent, will continue to monitor this as we move forward into this enterprise.”

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