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TeraMach helps store and secure decades worth of government data on the cloud

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This past year TeraMach, a Pivot Company launched a new cloud-based storage service, Cloudx, and quickly found themselves managing decades worth of digital records for a public sector organization that has an enormous amount of archived information, dating back many decades.

The technology partner became the primary solution provider for the government organization – made official by a 15-year agreement – ensuring that not only are the digital records secure but also accessible.

The Ottawa-based company typically provides services to business and government clients through on-premise and cloud based services that help with preservation planning for digitizing information, the process of ingesting, archiving and storing that data as well as management and monitoring of the hybrid-cloud services that it offers.

Using its new Cloudx service, TeraMach is helping its public sector customer in safeguarding decades worth of digital records while still ensuring full accessibility, said Anna Leon, Canadian vice-president of business development at TeraMach.

“[We] are now responsible to ensure the safety, integrity and longevity of Canadian history leveraging cloud, hosting services, SaaS applications, managed services to support and preserve Government Digital Records.”

“With continued growth in digital content and the need to preserve data for business continuity, legal and compliancy requirements, businesses are becoming aware of the serious risk of stored digital data becoming unreadable in the next decade,” she said, noting that TeraMach has also chosen to offer a digital preservation specialist service, partnering with Preservica to help organizations make sure their digital records are accessible in the long term.