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The cheque is in the e-mail

Digital cheque writing software that enables users to print customized cheques in house

The ezCheckPrinting software from Los Angeles-based Halfpricesoft.com reminds me of the movie Catch Me if You Can starring Leonardo DiCaprio as American cheque forger turned security consultant Frank Abignale.

The product is targeted at small businesses and features customize cheque layouts, set-up and print cheques on blank stock, and eliminates need for pre-printed cheques.

The new version even allows users to customize the cheques stubs too.

With this new feature, users can move and edit any field on stubs and on cheque. They can even add the new field to display more information. This new feature enables small businesses to print the compatible cheques with logo for QuickBooks, by Quicken and Microsoft Money, does any one remember that epic failure of a product by Microsoft?

Halfpricesoft.com founder Dr. Ge, (we are not making that name up) said many of the best ideas come from customers. That’s why his company always believes customers are the real users and are the best members of the developing team.

EzCheckPrinting has been on the market for nearly one decade.

The main features include: the ability to add a company logo along with other customizable designs;

No limit on the number of accounts that can be used;

The ability to produce an unlimited number of cheques;

Prints MICR characters accepted by most banks (for use with laser printers);

Includes signature image on cheques; and

Export and import of cheque data for use with ezTimeSheet, Excel file, QuickBooks, Money, and other accounting software.

The product is priced at $39.