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Vertical industry networking spending will vary in 2010

Plus, Lenovo notebook refreshes and can Microsoft be the next Apple?

February 10, 2010
Lenovo ThinkPad X201T tablet with Core i7 CPU coming soon?
ZD Net
Sean Portnoy writes about Lenovo’s ThinkPad notebook refreshes.

“Intel’s latest launch of mobile processors is yielding more laptop refreshes, such as a number of Lenovo ThinkPads. Last week, the Core i3 CPU suited up for the new ThinkPad T410i, T410si and T510i, and now Engadget is reporting that the ThinkPad X201T convertible tablet will be available with a Core i7 processor.”

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Can Microsoft be the new Apple? Why failure would be its savior
Network World
Microsoft Subnet writes why Microsoft can’t “become” the next Apple.

“Does Microsoft need to become the next Apple in order to survive? Simply put, no. Microsoft can continue in its same trajectory (Microsoft has always been a follower) for years with no dire consequences at all. It has deep enough roots with its enterprise customers that most won’t be yanking out their Windows infrastructures any time soon, no matter what innovations hit the market.”

Vertical Industry Networking Spending Will Vary in 2010
Network World

Jon Oltsik writes about the future of network hardware spending.

“Earlier this year, I reported that 49 per cent of mid-sized (i.e. less than 1,000 employees) and enterprise (i.e. greater than 1,000 employees) will increase network hardware spending in 2010. Well I went back and cut the ESG 2010 IT Spending Data for fun this week and here is what I learned: Network hardware spending varies widely by industry. On the plus side, 82 per cent of financial services firms, 56 per cent of health care organizations, and 50 per cent of federal government agencies will increase their spending on network hardware. It is not quite as sunny elsewhere, 45 per cent of manufacturing firms, 38 per cent of state/local governments, and 38 per cent of educational institutions will increase network hardware spending.”

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