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Video: Sneak peek into Xerox’s print lab

Scientists at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada reveal research on reusable paper and printable organic electronics

Xerox Corp. revealed the latest research developments taking place within its labs at The Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC), which develops two to three patents each week and over 130 inventions per year.

Nearly a dozen scientists and executives were on hand last week during a tour of the Mississauga-based R&D facility to discuss the latest advancements in toner, ink, paper, photoreceptors and imaging software.

To meet the continued demand for paper and reduce the amount of energy used for recycling, Xerox researchers are developing paper for printing temporary images that can be erased on demand. The end goal is the ability to reuse one sheet of paper up to ten times with prints that can last three to five days.

While paper usage per individual is declining in developed countries, paper usage in developing countries is on the rise due to growing economies and more people having access to computers and printers, said Adela Goredema, project leader for Reusable Paper at XRCC.

Watch this video on Xerox’s new cured solid ink technology and how it hardens under ultraviolet light and sticks to nearly any surface.