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What not to do if you’re a managed service provider

Plus, the value of implementing green IT solutions and policies and Asus' new 1008HA Eee PC netbook

May 15, 2009
Is Green IT a passing fad? Deloitte CIO says NO
ZD Net
Heather Clancy writes that according to Deloitte’s CIO, Larry Quinlan, green IT will eventually become a part of every “successful” IT business.

“‘The concepts of green IT are exactly the right concepts when it comes to cost cutting,’ he said. ‘Everything we do simply leads to a more efficient operation.’”

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How to Fail as an MSP, Part III (Common Mistakes to Avoid)
Peter Klanian gives some advice to managed service providers on common business-errors to avoid.

“Error: You think simple monitoring is good enough. The money is in remediation. It’s good practice to offer several tiers of managed service, which can vary by systems monitored, time of day coverage, response times, etc. But the most critical variable is the level of remediation that you’ll undertake when encountering a problem. Furthermore, fault, performance, and security monitoring often uncover opportunities for remediation tasks that are more project-related – such as upgrading a server that’s running low on capacity.”

ASUS Eee PC 1008HA ‘Seashell’ review roundup
Darren Murph writes about Asus’ new 1008HA Eee PC netbook.

“’Seashell’ is definitely a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t look like an Eee, it doesn’t feel like an Eee and it doesn’t boast a replaceable battery like an Eee; needless to say, only two of those three facts were lauded by reviewers across the Web. Much like Apple’s MacBook Air, the battery in this here machine is not user-serviceable, and while tests proved that it could last well over three hours with ‘normal’ use, ASUS has yet to make clear what plans it has for offering replacements.”

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