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Why new recruits are great for the IT industry

Plus, high definition video cameras and U.S. border searches

Mar. 24, 2008
IT professionals are defined by talent, not their generation
IT World Canada
Shane Schick includes some opinions regarding new recruits and the IT industry.

“A guy named Tyler from Barrie, Ont., for example, suggested that newer recruits might be better at understanding the needs of a business than their predecessors, if companies could engage them properly. ‘With a grad you are getting play-doh – mold them however you like, and along the way they will do the most important thing for your organization…ask questions!’”

What’s your opinion?

HD video conferencing for everyone!!
Network World
Alex Lewis writes of Microsoft’s partnership with Tandberg.

“Microsoft announced that through its partnership with Tandberg they will deliver $300 high definition video cameras aimed at video conferencing; a concept aptly called HDVC. Microsoft’s partnership with Polycom and Nortel will allow it to reach nearly three-fourths of the market with a budget solution.”

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Of laptops and US border searches
The Register
Mark Rasch comments on U.S. border inspections and questions whether or not laptops should also be inspected.

“Is a computer the same as a briefcase or suitcase, under the law? I mean, if you don’t want your stuff searched, don’t bring it with you. You abandon your ‘expectation of privacy at the border, right? The government says, ‘We can do anything for any reason,’ and the court says, ‘No, you need reasonable suspicion to search a laptop.’”

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