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Why Palm’s latest smartphone, Centro, is great for personal and business use

Plus, Wal-Mart and Everex and why XP still wins over Vista

Mar. 12, 2008
Wal-Mart finds it hard to undercut open source pricing
IT World Canada
Sharky writes that Wal-Mart will stop selling Everex Green gPCs in its retail stores. Here, he tells us why.

“Wal-Mart claims it was unable to find customers interested in PCs running free software. The big box retailer said it will no longer sell Linux-based Green gPCs made by Everex of Taiwan in its stores, an experiment that lasted less than six months. You can still buy the machines through Wal-Mart online, just not on the shelves.”

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Why I downgraded from Vista to XP
The Register
Dale Vile explains about why he chose XP over Vista.

“The switch back to XP was such a breath of fresh air that I have also ‘downgraded’ the desktop machine I am using at the moment. On a reasonable spec PC you don’t see the same increase in actual performance, but the XP interface still feels a lot cleaner and snappier (at least to me).”

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Review: Palm’s GSM Centro smartphone is all business all the time
Danny Dumas highlights the features of the new Palm Centro.

“Now offered by AT&T in a GSM flavor, the pocket-size, easy-to-use Centro handles messaging (IM, texting, personal and corporate e-mails) and light office tasks with graceful aplomb. Apps like viewing PDFs, creating Word files and listening to MP3s are handled swiftly and easily.”

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