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Why the iPhone is now ready for the enterprise

Plus, Windows 7 downgrade rights and Firefox release candidate 3.5

June 22, 2009
Microsoft: 18-month Windows 7 downgrade rights
The Register
Gavin Clarke writes about Microsoft downgrade rights for Windows 7.

“Downgrades cover just two editions of the impending operating system, for consumers and small businesses. You can only move from Windows 7 Professional to Windows Vista Business or Windows XP Professional, and from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows XP Professional. But the downgrade window will expire before 18 months if a service pack ships. Downgrade rights to Windows Vista will not expire.”

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Security Updates plus 46 Security fixes – iPhone Is Enterprise Ready Now!?
Network World
Jamey Heary writes why the iPhone is ideal for enterprise adoption now.

“What truly makes one company stand out from another is their commitment to adopting a secure coding methodology and code review process. Given the shear breadth of Apple’s iPhone 3.0 security fixes it is evident that the Apple iPhone coding team has adopted these best practices. This should be a big differentiator to any business evaluating the differences in security between different Smartphone manufacturers. Add to this the fact that the iPhone OS is largely based on the MAC OS X platform, the iPhone also inherits much of the respectable security track record that OS X has enjoyed over the years.”

Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate Now Available
Scott Gilbertson shares the details of Mozilla’s latest release candidate of Firefox 3.5.

“Firefox 3.5 RC1 is actually listed as simply Firefox 3.5 in the update panel, but note that this is not actually the final release. Among the new features are much faster page rendering times and an improved JavaScript engine, as well as expanded support for HTML 5, CSS 3 and the latest emerging web standards being used to power browser-based apps like Gmail, mapping services and online productivity tools.”

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