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Will Microsoft release a Zune phone next year?

Plus, PC industry consolidation and Apple iPhone rumours

December 10, 2008
Zune phone coming at CES keynote?
Devin Coldewey writes about a possible Zune phone release from Microsoft.

“Once upon a time, Zune phone rumours were as thick on the ground as Autumn leaves. Now Microsoft is in pole position to announce something like a Zune phone, having pretty much let the whole 7 cat out of the bag and lacking any really compelling major product developments other than the standard stuff. Could this coming January hold the surprise announcement everyone wants to hear? The supposed Zune phone would address the complicated interface, limited media capability in a time of device convergence, and completely rebrand Microsoft in the mobile market.”

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Lenovo: PC industry consolidation coming, acquisitions possible
ZD Net
Andrew Nusca includes William Amelio, CEO of Lenovo’s thoughts of the recent economic downturn and what that will mean for the PC industry.

“Lenovo CEO William Amelio said that his company, the world’s fourth-largest maker of PCs, expects more consolidation in the PC industry during the current downtown but is open to acquisitions. ‘There is no doubt in this economic situation that you will see consolidation of the PC industry,’ William Amelio said.”

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Why Apple Won’t Sell a $100 iPhone, a Netbook or a Tablet
Charlie Sorrel helps dispel the latest Apple rumours.

“Myth: According to the entire internet, Apple will, just after Christmas, sell a 4GB, $100 iPhone through Walmart. The usual excuse is made: Apple needs to sell cheaper hardware in ‘these troubled times.’ Fact: Apple will in fact sell iPhones through Walmart, but they will be the same ones you can get elsewhere, and at the same price. What every one of these analysts fails to understand is the Apple business model. The company just doesn’t do cheap.”

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