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Yahoo doesn’t need new CEO, it needs to sell, say analysts

Plus, iCloud drops its Apple lawsuit and more iPad rumours

September 7, 2011

Yahoo doesn’t need new CEO, it needs to sell, say analysts


Larry Dignan looks at analyst response to the firing.

“The consensus view appears to be that there won’t be another CEO named. Yahoo is likely to sell itself before it finds a new leader. Patience at Yahoo as well as Wall Street is thin. Simply put, Yahoo is about to go through yet another transition as it looks for its fourth CEO in four years.”

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iCloud Communications ditches Apple lawsuit

The Register

Kelly Fiveash looks at why the case was dropped.

“iCloud Communications added that the saturated media coverage surrounding Apple’s recent Steve Jobs-endorsed announcement about its cloudy offering, dubbed iCloud, had damaged the company’s association with the mark.”

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iPad rumours swell after Apple commissions new battery design

The VAR Guy

Dave Courbanou looks at more rumours around the tech giant’s tablet.

“So what will be inside a new iPad 3 if they do indeed contain these newer lighter and thinner batteries? Potentially, there could be more space inside an iPad 2-sized shell for a high-resolution retina display, which may be thicker than traditional LCD displays.”

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