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Airtame launches Airtame 2 wireless HDMI adapter


Airtame, a Danish startup company that specializes in wireless HDMI solutions, has released Airtame 2, the second generation of its Airtame screen mirroring device, overhauling all aspects of its predecessor.

The Airtame 2 comes with four times more RAM than the original Airtame for faster operation and extra performance headroom when new software features arrive. Its new Wi-Fi chip can drive five times the bandwidth of its precursor and twice the range, enabling it to communicate to more devices in larger rooms. An LED indicator light has been added to show whether the device is updating, active, or off.

Whereas the original Airtame’s wall mount required you to drill into the wall, the Airtame 2 uses a magnetic wall mount. Its Kensington lock socket prevents theft when used in public spaces.

The Airtame 3.2.3 firmware update integrates four apps with Airtame. You can now run Trello, Google Slides, Unsplash, and world clock directly through the unit itself. The integrated apps can distribute content more effectively in full-screen mode, which should help when presenting or using as digital signage. Watch the embedded video below for a quick demo.

Two additional apps, Website and Image, are also available. With them, you can use Airtame 2 to showcase simple websites and custom background images.

The Airtame 2 is available now at $399 per device. The four integrated apps are free to use while the firmware is in its public beta phase.