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Cisco puts personal spin on video conferencing

The Cisco DX80

Cisco Systems Inc. is taking workplace video conferencing to a personal level.

The company has released two Android-based video conferencing devices that fit comfortably on a typical office desk. Cisco says its latest DX series devices are aimed at helping workers de-clutter their desks.

The devices feature touch screen displays, 1080dp HD video capability, unified communication features, instant messaging, email, Web browser and integration with Android business applications.

The Cisco DX70

The Cisco DX70

The larger of the two devices, the DX80, looks like a 23” flat screen all-in-one computer monitor done in burnished aluminum finished body with no visible buttons in front. Microphones are situated in the screen’s legs.

The DX80 also comes equipped with Intelligent Audio, a brand new feature which according to Cisco will “ensure that what you see is what you hear.” The person on the receiving end of your call sees and hears you—he will not hear distracting background noise such as a barking dog or bantering co-workers.

The DX devices are also with Cisco’s recently announced Intelligent Proximity, so you can pair your DX with your mobile phone and have access to your personal contacts and call history, as well as move calls that are in progress—similar to the way you can transfer a call from your mobile phone to your car.

The device is Bluetooth compatible and enables users to engage in hands off communication using their mobile phones when the device is close by. The DX80 has Ethernet ports and a Wi-Fi receiver, and with its HDMI input a user can connect it to a laptop and use the DX80 as a regular monitor.

The Wi-Fi receiver also allows the DX80 to connect to local networks for video conferencing.

The smaller DX70 look more like a tablet device. This device is designed to user who already has a monitor but want a dedicated video conferencing device on their desk. It also has an HDMI input for connecting to a laptop and an HDMI output for connecting to a monitor.

The DX80 has an estimated price of between $1,500 and $2,000 while the DX70 is priced at under $1,000.