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Cloud Summit 2017: Ingram Micro unveils cloud integration tech, Marketplace upgrades, automated cloud manager

Cloud Marketplace updates unveiled by Renee Bergeron, SVP of global cloud, at Ingram Micro's Cloud Summit in Phoenix, AZ, on Apr. 20.

PHOENIX – Ingram Micro is using its annual Cloud Summit, this year from Apr. 19-21 in Phoenix, AZ, to reveal a number of new products, services and upgrades.

First up is a new cloud-based service integration technology, APS Connect, which will allow faster service deployment and onboarding for Ingram Micro partners.

Independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to sell their services through Ingram’s channel can use this technology to quickly design, test and publish their solutions, as well as automate their own services. With an expanded cloud services catalog, “partners stand to benefit,” Ingram says at the event.

What’s notable is that APS Connect can be used across multiple cloud-based platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), making sure vendors and partners are not limited.

The APS Connect program is available today globally.

Cloud Marketplace gets a user-experience upgrade

Ingram Micro has also unveiled major upgrades to its Cloud Marketplace at the event. The Cloud Marketplace now features a redesigned customer control panel, which it calls NextCP, and also supports Android devices.

NextCP has become more intuitive and user-friendly, which will enable resellers to offer their end-customers the opportunity to self-serve and self-manage. Ingram hopes that by freeing up resources and streamlining processes, end-users will “consume more services, adopt new solutions and quickly add to previous purchases.”

NextCP will be available during Q217.

Cloud deployment goes automated

Ingram also launched its Cloud Orchestrator at its Cloud Summit, a product that offers service providers a simpler and automated way to deploy and manage workloads in any private, public or hybrid cloud from a single portal.

It comes with automated tools and preconfigured templates so customers can easily build and deploy workloads in cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM BlueMix and VMWare.

Partners can manage customer infrastructure and use Ingram Micro’s Cloud Infrastructure to provide them with multiple cloud deployment options, ongoing monitoring, reporting and unified billing.

It will be available to resellers using the Cloud Marketplace to sell IaaS in Q217, and is already available to Odin Automation Premium customers today.

Cloud referral program to begin in Q417

Additionally, Ingram Micro’s cloud referral program, which encourages channel partners to direct their end-customers to Ingram’s cloud referral website to earn additional commissions, was first introduced last year. At the company’s 2017 Cloud Summit, it was announced that this program will be available in 16 markets by the end of the year.