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CompuCom acquires Getronics’ North American operations

Nationwide reseller completes buy of the one time Wang Laboratories

CompuCom Systems, Inc., which is known in Canada as CCSI Technology Solutions Corp. (CCSI) headquarters in Mississauga, Ont., has completed the acquisition of the North American operations of Getronics, which at one time was known as Wang Laboratories.

The combined entity, as of the end of each company’s 2007 fiscal years, represents more than $2.1 billion in annual revenues with more than 11,000 employees.

By acquiring more than $450 million of outsourcing services revenue, the collective IT services capabilities will be further enhanced on a global basis and now positions CompuCom as an over $1 billion provider of outsourcing services.

CompuCom and Getronics have also signed a reciprocal global services partner agreement that allows each company to leverage their combined global capabilities.

Specifically, CompuCom has acquired Getronics operations in the U.S. and Canada as well as increased scope and scale with additional service delivery centers in the U.S., Canada and in Mexico. KPN, the current parent company of Getronics, will retain an ownership position in CompuCom and will have board representation in the expanded company. The North American operations of Getronics have been acquired in their entirety and will operate going forward under the CompuCom brand name.

“The acquisition of Getronics’ North American operations is a material step forward for CompuCom in both scale and capability,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of Everest Group. “As a viable alternative, CompuCom is now positioned as an important player in the broader infrastructure services sector and as a powerhouse in the desktop management arena.”

Getronics has recently acquired security monitoring and management capabilities from two acquisitions: Vanguard Managed Solutions and SaltSpring Software of Toronto.

The transaction also helps CompuCom’s existing network management and data center capabilities.

“The acquisition of Getronics’ North American operations demonstrates CompuCom’s continued investment in growing our IT outsourcing business,” said Jim Dixon, CEO of CompuCom, in a prepared statement. “We’re very excited about this transaction and the value we expect it to create for our clients and as well as the opportunities we expect it to create for our associates.”

CompuCom is an IT outsourcing company that also provides application development, procurement and management of hardware and software.

Getronics has worldwide revenue of EURO 2.5 billion and about 20,000 employees. Getronics is an ICT service-provider with expertise in workspace management services and data center/hosting services.