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D+H stomps on risk culture with SaaS for financial institutions


Financial institutions are getting a new tool to combat risk culture with DH Corporation’s newest Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Dubbed Barometer, D+H’s new compliance assessment technology aims to help financial organizations collect better data on how well employees understand and then apply regulations and financial institution policies. To do so, it uses a library of real-world scenarios to find decision-making inconsistencies in order to suggest training and the areas a company should allocate resources to. 

Ideally, Barometer would help financial institutions around the world reduce credit risk, improve loan quality, and increase efficiency and profitability by finding the areas that employees need the most training in. By using Barometer to demonstrate proper regulatory compliance and adherence to internal financial institution policy, employees would then be able to make more informed decisions when speaking with clients.

The SaaS product, which is now available commercially in Canada and the U.S., is built using Agile product development methodology on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Barometer features include:

  • A configurable solution that helps financial institutions highlight knowledge gaps and pinpoint inconsistencies in decision-making individually and in aggregate, so they can focus training and resources on the areas that need it most.
  • The ability to log in securely from any browser to access a library of relevant real-world scenarios, regularly updated by D+H lending experts.
  • Two proprietary content modules; adjudication and front line/mobile sales have a growing library of content modules built on existing and emerging regulations and can be configured to a financial institution’s unique policies.
  • Managers can decide what to test and gain a detailed view into both individual and team performance across the most relevant and critical regulations facing the industry.
  • Managers can access detailed reporting and analytics on employee performance.
  • Provides compliance and risk officers with a historical repository of evidence, trending results from activities designed to reduce risk exposure and calibrate employee decision making.