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Find out what features from Vista have made it into Windows XP SP3

A Blackberry thief's misfortune and Oracle closes its BEA acquisition

Apr. 30, 2008
Windows XP update adds features from Vista
Scott Gilbertson looks at some of the Vista features which Microsoft has included in its Windows XP SP3.

“While SP3 may not be as big of a change as SP2 was, there are some noteworthy features from Vista that have been included in this release. Namely, NAP, a policy enforcement platform for limiting network access to secure machines, ‘Black Hole’ Router Detection, a cryptographic module for the kernel and a new Product Activation module allows you to install XP without a product key.”

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If top gov’t officials need to leave Blackberries outside a meeting, shouldn’t someone guard them?
Mike Masnick looks at the rise and fall of a Mexican Blackberry thief.

“Apparently a Mexican press attache at a meeting with White House officials in New Orleans saw an opportunity and swiped the Blackberries of a bunch of White House staffers. At many such meetings, it’s required for attendees to leave their phones and mobile devices outside of the meeting room. You would think that with such high-powered government officials that someone would then be left to guard the devices, but apparently not. This guy grabbed a bunch of the devices and made a run for the airport, where he was caught by Secret Service officials, who promptly showed him the surveillance camera footage of him taking the devices.”

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Oracle closes BEA deal; last ‘logical’ purcahse?
ZD Net
Larry Dignan writes about Oracle’s acquisition of BEA.

“Oracle said Tuesday that it closed its acquisition of BEA Systems following European Commission approval. In a statement, Oracle president Charles Phillips BEA will help the company’s vision of a ‘a modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure’ and provide ‘a series of complementary and well-engineered middleware products.’”

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