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Hurray for social media: The Oscars go mobile


Canadian movie fans watching the Oscars this weekend will have their smartphones close at hand.

A survey of more than 500 Canadians by IDC Canada found that smartphones are changing how people watch movies of view major events such as the Oscars, which honour the year’s best in the world of motion pictures. The experience is changing from passive absorption to one of active participation through the sharing of comments and views which, in turn, influence the opinions of others.

Of the smartphone users surveyed by IDC who said they were regular moviegoers, 94 per cent said they’ll be watching the Oscars on Sunday and 47 per cent said they’ll be using their smartphones to share their thoughts during the broadcast.

In other mobile movie numbers, 81 per cent have a movie-related app on their smartphone, 92 per cent have used their smartphone to find a screening time, 53 per cent have bought movie tickets with their smartphones and 46 per cent have posted movie reviews using their smartphones – hopefully after they left the theatre.

“Moviegoers don’t just sit back and soak in movies or awards shows like the Oscars anymore,” said Warren Shiau, consulting director on buying behaviour with IDC Canada, in a statement. “Using their smartphones, they actively create reviews, comment on movies and awards and influence other moviegoers. Smartphones have become an integral part of the process of going to the theatre and enable moviegoers to be the most important critics of all.”