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IBM expands PureSystems line for data centres

New systems to tackle the Big Data crisis in business

In an attempt to help global organizations get a handle on the massive influx of big data, IBM Corp. expanded its PureSystems line of integrated systems with the introduction of PureData System.

According to Big Blue, solution providers can now offer customers the ability to manage and analyze petabytes of data in minutes and intelligently use those insights to support its specific business goals. IBM estimates that 2.5 exabytes of data is created every day – so much that 90 per cent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.

IBM data has found that all industries are being challenged to find simpler and more cost effective ways to analyze data and better understand consumer purchases, manage customer churn, perform data-intensive marketing campaigns, and detect fraud in real-time. The PureData System has been made available in three workload-specific models optimized for transactional, operational and big data analytics to help clients solve these challenges.

The PureData System has also being built to enable solution providers to have the system up and running in 24 hours, not 24 days, run complex analytics in minutes, not hours, and handle more than 100 databases on a single system, the company said.

The new PureData System can also be used for cloud environments as the new system builds on the initial PureSystems line that can deploy Web applications. IBM Research and Development spent nearly $2 billion and needed some acquisitions to develop the PureSystems line.

Arvind Krishna, general manager, IBM Information Management, said IBM’s on the leading edge of a new era of computing where clients can process vast amounts of information in real time and in ways that can fundamentally transform how business gets done. To accelerate this transformation, we need to simplify and speed the deployment of new capabilities – and greatly reduce the cost of IT operations. Today’s introduction of the PureData System is an important step in our journey as we help clients achieve new levels of speed, simplicity and savings.

IBM is unveiling three workload-specific models of the PureData System: PureData for Transactions, PureData for Analytics (powered by Netezza technology), and PureData for Operational Analytics.PureData will start shipping to customers at the end of October and pricing will be announced then. The channel plan for PureData is to use the IBM Business Partner ecosystem. Channel partners such as DynaFront Systems and PCCW Solutions are installing PureSystems in their own data centres, for example. Additionally, more than 60 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have already committed to support PureData System, IBM said.

Through technical and validation resources, IBM offers these solution providers the opportunity to have its applications run on PureSystems. Silvermoon Business Systems, a South African ISV for example, is already seeing performance results by reducing the typical deployment time of their application from two weeks to 18 minutes with PureApplication System.

To date, channel partners have delivered more than 200 solutions and applications that are optimized to run on PureData. IBM is also introducing several new patterns designed to streamline the set-up and management of hardware and software resources. This includes patterns for social business, asset management and business process management. These patterns and solutions, which span 20 industries, can be accessed through the IBM PureSystems Centre.