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Microsoft makes enterprise pitch for Windows 8

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Will Windows 8 be a hit with the enterprise? Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) seems to think so. Of course, they created it, so you’d be worried if they didn’t. The vendor made the pitch at a recent media event though, and put up several enterprise customers to tell their story.

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In a report by IT World Canada, ING Direct Canada’s CIO seems two Windows 8 streams. They’ll be developing Windows 8 RT apps for their customers, and will take “a serious look” at deploying Windows 8 laptops or tables within their own walls. They’re currently conducting a pilot with the Surface Pro tablet.

Still, while Microsoft is touting strong license sales for Windows 8, enterprise adoption figures haven’t yet been broken out from those numbers. And given the usual enterprise propensity to move slowly into a new OS, the radical change in user interface that Windows 8 represents, and the face many enterprises have just completed their Windows 7 migrations, most analysts are not expecting a quick enterprise uptake.

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