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Microsoft stops IE 11 updates for some Windows 7 users

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Consumers and business users of Windows 7 PCs who failed to apply an April update to for the Internet Explorer are no able to get security updates to the browser’s latest edition, IE11.

The stop the IE patch is similar to one brought down by Microsoft for its Windows 8.1 operating system when it informed its customers they need to migrate to Windows 8.1 by June 10 or lose their patch privileges, according to the online technology publication ComputerWorld.com.

“This update applies only to computers that are running Internet Explorer 11 and that do have update 2919355 (for Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2) or update 2929437 (for Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1) installed,” a June support document from Microsoft stated. “”All future security and non-security updates for Internet Explorer 11 require you to have update 2919355 or update 2929437 installed in order to receive updates.

The Windows 7 requirement affected only IE11 and not the operating system. Users who have not installed the IE security update issued on April 8 — identified by Microsoft as MS14-018 — on Windows 7, and who rely on Windows Update to download and install fixes, did not receive the June 10 IE update.

IE11 users will not receive any future updates, until that MS14-018 has been installed. Windows Update will not display the appropriate IE11 patches.

Earlier, Microsoft also announced similar requirements for consumers and enterprises using Windows 8.1. Any Windows 8.1 PC retrieving patches from Windows Update must have had Windows 8.1 Update installed to get June’s security patches; businesses have until August 12 to do the same.

Enterprise firms were given a three-month extension to the Windows 8.1 update deadline after customers complained. Companies running IE11 on Windows 7 were given the same extension.

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