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Montreal solution provider launches e-commerce solution for SMBs


Montreal-based solution provider Acceo Solutions is targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with an expanded management solution under its Acomba brand that seeks to address mobility, cloud computing and e-commerce.

Acceo has launched five new solutions: Acomba Online, Acomba Mobile Project Suite – PSX, Acomba e-commerce, Acomba X Accounting Suite and Transaxion Acomba. According to Acceo, the solutions give SMBs new opportunities to improve their management processes and productivity by using mobile technology to optimize work processes, simplify electronic exchanges and access to management data through the decentralization of information, and growing revenue through online sales.

“We are committed to helping SMBs take the leap into e-commerce at an affordable cost and providing them with new tools that will enable them to better tackle the challenges of management and business development,” said Denis Carrier, executive vice-president and COO of Acceo Solutions’ SMB Solutions division, in a statement. “Mobile technologies and cloud computing are now indispensable, and SMBs must be able to fully benefit from them.”

Acomba Mobile Project Suite – PSX is a time and invoicing management solution available in web and mobile versions. Acomba e-commerce aims to bring enterprise e-commerce tools to SMBs, such as multilingual online store, product catalogue management, and transaction and electronic payment management. And Transaxion Acomba, when integrated with Acomba X, is a point of sale and payment solution for managing counter sales, from billing to accounting.