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New signs of a home integration market

NASBA survey finds an increase in home market penetration by SMB resellers

A new survey shows that the digital home integration market has life beyond this year and next.

The Association of Channel Resellers (NASBA) announced the results of a recent independent survey of nearly 200 NASBA Digital Home/Edge program members.

The survey, conducted by ChannelForce in August 2006 entailed interviews with executive-level Channel Resellers and Digital Home Integrators who serve the small-to-midsize business, light commercial and residential markets.

Participants reflect a cross-section by company size, number of years established in business, and number of years in the digital home market. While more than 50 per cent of respondents have been in business for more than 10 years, 78 per cent have been active in the digital home segment for less than five years.

The majority of survey respondents (61 per cent) anticipate completion of up to 10 digital home projects this year, and the results reveal that an increase in the number of years in this market segment directly correlates to both an increase in the number of annual projects and an increase in the average revenue per project.

Within the digital home market, respondents’ top three sectors in 2006 are custom single family residences, retrofit single family residences and light commercial businesses. While these remain areas of interest for 2007, respondents indicate significant expansion into the production single family residential and multi-unit residential sectors. The results of the survey also profile current and projected product and service offerings in more than a dozen categories including PCs, servers, structured wiring, home automation, networking, security and more.

Bill Booth, director of NASBA Digital Home, said program members continue to serve the growing demand from their SMB prospects and customers, it’s clear that they are committed to the residential market for the long-term and are dedicating the resources necessary to create demand and expand their product and service offerings.

NASBA is a professional trade association for channel resellers in North America. The group has more than 15,000 VAR, integrator and solution provider members and leading technology companies.