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Partners to take lead on Office 365 support


Microsoft has launched a new Office 365 Partner admin centre that it says will give partners new tools to take the lead on providing service and support to their Office 365 clients

Office 365 is the cloud-based version of Microsoft’s Office suite of offerings, such as Outlook, Word and Excel. In a blog post announcing the changes, Microsoft said that while previously, partners could perform certain delegated administrative tasks for customers, now partners will be able to view all the customers they have admin privileges for in one place, view their customers’ service health status and details, and create, edit and view service requests.

In an interview with CRN, Adam Jung, an Office 365 senior product manager with Microsoft, said the new tools will allow partners to take the lead when it comes to monitoring Office 365 apps and handling customer service requests. Partners can also escalate service requests to Microsoft on their customers’ behalf, and monitor the tickets for them.

“This is important because partners want to know if they can be helpful and solve problems on behalf of their customers,” Jung told CRN.

The new Office 365 Partner admin centre will be rolling out to Office 365 partners who are part of the Microsoft Cloud Partner program in the coming weeks, worldwide.