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Pure Storage introduces petabyte-scale flash storage for the cloud


Independent solid-state array vendor, Pure Storage, has announced new petabyte-scale storage for mission-critical cloud IT, anchored by the release of its flagship all-flash storage array FlashArray//m’s fifth generation update.

The upgrades to FlashArray//m provides Pure Storage customers with Smart Storage, or storage that is built to deliver simplicity, automation, and resilience for cloud IT. Pure Storage created Smart Storage with three beliefs in mind: effortless, with FlashArray//mm proving 99.9999 per cent availability over its first year of shipments, or 31.5 seconds of downtime on average per year, providing an always-on and always-secure service; efficient, with five-to-one average data reduction across its install base; and evergreen, storage that is deployed only once, and keeps expanding and improving performance, capacity, and density for 10 plus years without any downtime.

FlashArray//m’s fifth generation now scales up to 512 terabytes of raw flash, which translates into 1.5 petabytes, or 1500 terabytes, of effective capacity, in 7U of rack space. The new FlashArray//m offers four different controller options:

  • //m10 (introduced earlier in 2016) – up to 25 TBs effective usable capacity (5 – 10 TBs raw storage) and up to 100,000 32K input/output operations per second (IOPS),
  • New //m20 – up to 250 TBs effective usable capacity (5 – 80 TBs raw storage) and up to 200,000 32K IOPS,
  • New //m50 – up to 500 TBs effective usable capacity (20 – 176 TBs raw storage) and up to 270,000 32K IOPS,
  • New //m70 – up to 1.5 Petabytes effective usable capacity (42 – 512 TBs raw storage) and up to 370,000 32K IOPS.

“Pure Storage has built the smart storage platform to deliver cloud IT – whether it be public cloud, SaaS, private cloud, or a mix of all three.  Efficient all-flash storage, now at petabyte-scale, is the agile foundation of tomorrow’s clouds,” said Matt Kixmoeller, Pure Storage’s vice president of product in a press release.