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The great 2012 disk shortage

Plus, Skype services on Windows phones and whether we can rely on social media in an emergency

January 16, 2012

The great 2012 disk shortage On ZDNet explores the issue. “We may not reach the normal state of drive oversupply until the end of the year, but I’d be very surprised if monthly volumes are not close to normal in June. Refilling the channel will take a couple of months, and OEMs may want to over-invest in disk inventory just to be safe – more rains in November?” he writes. What’s your opinion?

Skype is coming to Windows Phone – really On The Register, Bill Ray reports. “Integrating Skype into mobile telephony will almost annoy Microsoft’s carrier partners as Skype minutes aren’t contributing to their profits, but there’s only so long that Windows Phone can be the only smartphone without integrated Skype if Redmond is going to justify the $8.5bn price tag,” he writes. What’s your opinion?

Can we rely on social media in an emergency? On ReadWriteWeb, Dave Copeland looks at the question. ” While there is no denying that Facebook, Twitter and other social networks help spread critical information when emergencies strike, they can still be problematic and ineffective when compared to other forms of communication. Even the Bangkok terror alert was met with initial skepticism, and while the embassy has close to 40,000 Twitter followers, many of those were not in the area of the threat,” he writes. What’s your opinion?