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Why customer loyalty is hard, and six new ways to make it easier

CDN CURATED: Are you selling technology, or business outcomes?

Wrapping your business around the customer has been a core business principle since before Adam Smith wrote the “Wealth of Nations” in 1776. Yet every year, there are new technologies, theories, and business models that promise to get a company closer to its customer, as if customer alignment had just been discovered for the first time.

Christine Crandell of Forbes.com researches a few books on the topic of customer loyalty and reports that customer alignment strategies will be a big focus for next-generation technologies.

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Another point Crandell makes is one of culture. Does your company build trust in the employee base? Do your employees take pride in their work? Both areas have to deal with culture.In my point of view you must base your go-to-market strategy today on generating the correct business outcomes for customers. That should be your focus; not necessarily on what products, solutions or services you offer. That means getting deep with customers and figuring out that company’s business as a well as your own.

Recently CDN produced a Debate Video on delivering the right business outcomes. I seriously encourage you to watch it.

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Make sure to read the entire article as it has six points of view that companies must embrace to build enduring customer loyalty.

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