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Why Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be successful

Plus, Toshiba recalls some of its laptops and how to find the right talent

September 7, 2010
Toshiba warns of fiery laptops
The Register
John Oates writes about a laptop recall from Toshiba.

“Toshiba and US and Canadian consumer watchdogs are recalling three laptop models after receiving reports that people have been burned by the AC adapters. Toshiba said about 41,000 machines had the fault, which can cause the plug-in AC adapter to overheat. The models are Toshiba Satellite T135, Satellite T135D and Satellite Pro T130 sold between August 2009 and August 2010.”

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A Leak in the MSP Talent Pool? 4 Ways to Find Good People
Phil LaForge shares some tips on how to build a successful team at work.

“I don’t have any quick fixes. But I do have four suggestions that I hope will help you find, recruit, retain and promote the right talent. They include…know who you’re looking for, happy employees: the best recruiters, recruit by engaging in the community (and) nurture and recruit from within.”

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Can Set Its Own Price, No Need To Directly Compete With The iPad’s $500 Price
Matt Burns writes why he thinks Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet device will do well in the market.

“The Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to sell well. It won’t be a blockbuster like the iPad, but it should still do alright mainly because it’s the first consumer-worthy Android tablet. Samsung can even price the tablet well north of the iPad’s $500 starting price. It will not matter. People will buy it even if it’s, I don’t know, $800. You might not, but there are enough Android fanboys that will.”

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