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Winning e-hearts and minds

Plus, Russia's Wild West and an iPhone note of caution

Nov. 15, 2007
Russia’s hackers the stuff of Hollywood
IT World Canada
Greg Enright is working on a movie script.

”What’s going on in Russia these days would make for a great tech-related movie. Think about it: you’ve got all kinds of organized crime groups running amok in what amounts to The Great Bear’s version of America’s 19th Century Wild West, salivating over the money to be made by way of Internet scams.”

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Getting Old, Indeed
Real Tech News
Michael Santo did not type this report on an iPhone.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, iPhone fans, but while iPhone users could enter text as quickly as QWERTY users, their error rate was 5.6 errors/message, while QWERTY owners had 2.1 errors/message and numeric phone owners 2.4 errors/message.”

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U.S. Enlists Arab Bloggers for Info War
Noah Shachtman reports on the newest front in the war on terror.

”It’s no secret that, for a long time, the iihadists were kicking American ass in the information war — especially online. Slowly, slowly, the U.S. government is starting to push back, just a bit. The new arsenal of the propaganda campaign: Arab-language bloggers, podcasts, “webchats” — and maybe even Second Life and cell phone games, too.“

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