More tools for McAfee VARs

McAfee Inc. is increasing its efforts to move from relying on sales of anti-virus software to pushing its security appliances and content management applications with a

Retail sector open for security VARs

According to research, about 20 per cent of retailers still use disk and file encryption software

Zotob worm wreaks havoc

Microsoft Corp. is disputing conflicting reports about the network worm that affected computers running Windows 2000 last month.

Protecting the customer

Organizations are turning to outsourcers or service providers to help them comply with privacy legislationrn

Extending our sixth sense

Symantec's CEO comes to Canada to raise awareness of phishing and other attacksrn

Symantec CEO warns of day-zero attacks

Less than two days after the release of an Auditor General report criticizing federal IT security, the CEO of Symantec Corp. warned that the threat is getting worse.rn

Playing with firewalls

Keeping intruders behind the network gates has become the No. 1 priority of information security teams. Firewalls, either hardware, software or a combination of the two, are tools that offer a first line of defence against unwelcome knocks at the network doorrn

VAR eyes new hard drive protection market

A Canadian reseller sees sales opportunities opening up with the release by Centurion Technologies of a new hard drive protection solution.


To serve and protect

A number of resellers are turning into SSPs to offer security services not only to businesses but to other VARs as wellrn

Sobeys fires SAP over ERP debacle

Jennifer Brown Canadian grocery giant Sobeys Inc. said it has no plans to reconsider its decision to pull the plug on its year-old, SAP-powered ERP...

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