Lost laptop valued as much as a Mercedes-Benz

New study uncovers surprising financial repercussions of lost and stolen notebooks

McAfee launches ‘online 911’ for cybercrime victims

The Web site is a first stop for people who want to take action after a cybercrime

What Mafiaboy can teach us about IT security

Are we letting technology advance faster than we can secure it? The famed former Canadian hacker thinks so (Includes VIDEO)

How to make a botnet out of Skype or Google Voice

A researcher with Secure Science says it could be done, thanks to flaws in both services

Conficker controls four per cent of all infected PCs

Vietnamese security company pegs the count at 1.3 million worldwide

Conficker may be more widespread than previously thought

The worm has infected 500,000 of OpenDNS's more than 10 million users, the company saysrn

Fake security software scammers jump on Conficker

Google's search rankings are being manipulated in order to trick people into downloading bad software

Microsoft releases IE8, stresses security

Company-commissioned report shows Microsoft's new browser detects malware

Your keyboard is giving away your passwords

Researchers find ways to sniff keystrokes from thin air

Symantec automates endpoint and server management

Security and access vendor focuses on better integration and process automation

The long arm of the worldwide cybercrime police

Canada a major parter of a network designed to quickly react to cybercrime

The long arm of worldwide cybercrime police network

Canada a major force behind a network designed to quickly react to cybercrime

Symantec pushes Altiris to the channel

Workflow enablement programs to help partners push Altiris Version 7.0

Botnet builders gets four years in slammer

IT pro from Mahalo gets prison term for building botnets

Symantec Partner Engage 2009

Symantec’s CEO Enrique Salem, Symantec’s CEO, spoke to partners during a general keynote session to discuss the company’s new Sell-With Services model. Salem said the...

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