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Citrix unifying the workspace with new cloud-first solution


ORLANDO – IT users often have a fragmented experience when it comes to accessing and utilizing applications, needing to log into various sites separately with different identities and passwords. In an organization, this results in lost productivity, security risks and more work for IT professionals, but Citrix Systems, Inc. is hoping to change this.

The American software company has unveiled a new unified, cloud-first workspace solution at its annual Synergy conference in Orlando that brings together all apps onto one secure digital platform with a single control panel.

With just one sign-in, users gain “simple, secure access to a seamless, consistent experience on any device,” Calvin Hsu, vice president of product marketing, explains at Synergy.

Key workplace apps can be accessed through this platform, with individual identities federated across all apps (whether mobile, SaaS, Windows, etc.), eliminating the need for different sign-ins and making it simpler for IT departments to support. The easy to use system provides users with a single view to everywhere they store files, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, etc.

Citrix CEO Kirill Tatarinov demonstrating Workspaces at Synergy 2017 in Orlando.

And what sets it apart from other similar solutions, Hsu continues, is that Citrix Workspace is “designed to be contextual, ensuring employees have the optimal balance of security, productivity and performance based on location, device, identity and other analytics.”

The new workspace experience is also the “only solution to include advanced content collaboration, information rights management and business workflow capabilities,” the company adds in a press release. “From directly within the secure digital workspace, users can create, edit and collaborate on Office 365 online documents. They can then initiate a custom workflow and approval process with colleagues – all without leaving the workspace, and without having to re-authenticate as they switch between SaaS applications.”

Additionally, Citrix Workspace is hoping to offload IT support calls through a self-service tool, meaning that for issues like requesting app access or maintaining security tokens, users can handle this themselves, increasing productivity on both ends.

Workspace is available now through Citrix partners on Citrix Cloud services.