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ESET launches new enterprise security products

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After reaching out to enterprise IT security specialists across the world, cybersecurity firm ESET says it’s developed a single console that can detect, predict and prevent cyber threats.

“What we found is that they needed a single console that allowed for visibility into all stages of threat interception: prediction, prevention, detection and remediation. So that is what we made,” said ESET chief technology officer Juraj Malcho in a press release.

During RSA 2018, ESET announced the launch of ESET Security Management Center – replacing the ESET Remote Administrator – Enterprise Inspector and Dynamic Threat Defence. Enterprise Inspector is an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution complementing their traditional endpoint security offerings, and is also supported by ESET’s reputation system, ESET LiveGrid, that feeds relevant information about the most recent threats and benign files from 110 million sensors worldwide and verified by research and development centres. The company says each solution is backed by machine learning that can better monitor threats such as zero-days, APTs and botnets.

“Now, more enterprises will be able to leverage ESET to respond and react to the increasing volume and sophistication of cyberattacks,” said Malcho.

Last June, during ESET’s 30th anniversary, the company announced a record year-over-year channel growth with a 40 per cent increase in channel partners in the last 12 months, the fastest growing segment being its MSP Program.

ESET is demoing its new enterprise solutions for the first time at RSA 2018.