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IBM and Facebook announce social marketing partnership

Channel Strategy

Facebook and IBM Commerce today announced a new partnership to offer tailored social marketing.

Under the agreement, IBM’s marketing cloud clients can now have access to Facebook’s ad offerings, including Custom Audiences to gain a better understanding of customers’ interests, opinions and expectations from brands.

“Starting today, IBM and Facebook will help brands better understand consumers’ wants and needs and enable them to deliver highly-targeted campaigns built around those preferences,” IBM said in a statement.

Big Blue’s offerings also include analytics and design features such as customer experience solution Journey Designer.

The partnership would allow companies to identify customers among the 1.44 billion people currently on Facebook.

On the flipside, Facebook will also become the first partner for IBM’s THINKLab, a research environment that will work with brands to develop customer experience solutions.  Here, Facebook domain experts, designers and other partners will work with IBM researchers and clients to identify needs.

“We will be working closely with IBM to continue advancing our joint capabilities and deliver people-based marketing that’s optimized to achieve each brand’s business goals,” Blake Chandlee, VP of partnerships for Facebook said in the statement.