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Ingram Micro launches 24/7 business automation solution

Channel Strategy

Ingram Micro is partnering with BMC to use the latter’s Control-M workload automation solution to automate business operations around the clock.

BMC Control-M is a digital enterprise management solution that automates batch application workloads to reduce failure rates, improve SLAs, and quicken application deployment. To do this, it simplifies batch job creation, scheduling, and management across IT environments. Examples include providing a single point of control for enterprise batch jobs through graphics interfaces.

“Control-M is vital to the success of our IT team and our company because without optimized completion of mission-critical jobs related to manufacturing, supply chain, inventory, orders, and invoicing, we’d be unable to serve our customers,” said Don Snios, senior manager of operations and scheduling at Ingram Micro in a statement.

BMC has found success due to its ability to manage 900,000 batch executions per week, an important cog in the Ingram Micro machine that has two data centres running more than 30,000 business processes. The solution is being touted as having the ability to give a team of six the abilities to complete the work of 30 IT employees working seven days a week.

Features of Control-M include automated agent and client deployment, run time analytics, high availability, and automated promotion. All of these features, including new usage alerts, are a part of a recent update to the Control-M workload automation solution.

Ingram Micro’s current goal is to be able to code much more than the 24,000 changes the company made last year, something the it hopes to accomplish with Cloud-M. Ingram Micro most recently used the Cloud-M solution in a migration of 3,000 workloads between data centres in Dallas and Chicago.