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Newsmaker No. 19 Carl Paquin, Groupe Millennium Micro

Channel Strategy

The largest solution provider community group in Canada, in terms of membership, became Groupe Millenium Micro in 2013 with 240 reseller owners as members.

Those members have 258 storefronts or office locations across Canada. The buying group, which got started in 2003, is currently in eight provinces and one territory.

Carl Paquin

Carl Paquin

In 2013, Groupe Millenium Micro president Carl Paquin signed its first reseller in Vancouver and now sports at least one member in each province except for Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Yukon and Nunavut.

Paquin’s strategy from the outset was to take Groupe Millenium Micro national and in 2013 the company’s hard work paid off. The next step, however, for Paquin is to be represented in every province and territory in Canada.

“Our leaders want partners outside of the province of Quebec. We have a director based in Toronto for Ontario and Western provinces and another director in Quebec for that province and the Maritimes. We now have 60 locations in Ontario and we have coverage throughout the province,” Paquin said. Groupe Millenium Micro started in Quebec and that the Quebec base remains important but its membership has customers outside the province and wanted to work more cost effectively with other solution providers in Canada.

“Most of our members have SMB businesses and these SMB businesses have the same kinds of needs for let’s VoIP if they were in Vancouver or in Quebec. That’s the technology challenge and we share all of our information especially on how to sell,” Paquin said.